Geez. (Or, I’m BACK!)

December 5, 2009

Lately, I have found, I have felt no desire to write .I have another blog about my life, on a different wordpress account. I quite the gym team at my old gym, because the new coach was a witch. IF there are anymore people out there, please comment! Should  I keep on blogging? Also, I have found lately, that I am quite unimpressed by many of the many are just some girls who want comments—lately my passion in the sport has been wavering. Anybody out there?

p.s. Couldn’t finish this post without a shoutout to favorite gym blog there is! I love many others, as well, including LBL, and double salto.



August 11, 2009

I love my new montage!

its of ivana. Let me know if you like!

What the Heck?

August 11, 2009

Since when did Paul Hamm go on Ninja Warrior? And how have I never known it?

A-Sac? I am FREAKING OUT!!!!! :):):):):) OMGOMGOMG!!!!

It is like the best thing this year.

On the classic—– eh. I didn’t like the new Ivana as much. But oh well. Nastia”s carrying the new weight on her pretty well.  I really don’t like Bross. She just annoys me.

Who actually reads? Thank you to Sara, for always commenting. but anyone else? I sometimes feel like I am writing to myself….


August 8, 2009

It is the constant battle, that every elite gymnast is constantly aware of. Elite peaking in women can fall at a bad time. The teen years, where almost every girl is suddenly heart-wrenchingly self-consious, these young girls are constantly aware of the .2 of a pound they’ve gained. Of course, it is easier to fly, to carry your weight when you are light. I am not very skinny, nor am I very fat. Even just being around others, all of you training together, with everyone in tight leotards, it is hard not to think about, I can imagine when you and your teammates are all pushing for the same goal, the importance you yourself put on weight is even greater.

I still love gymnastics, I just feel bad for people like Christy Hendrix.


July 19, 2009

My gymnastics coach, who I have a very happy relationship with, is moving to Memphis, TN. 😦 😦 :(. I am quite sad about it. I think coaches form an inexplainable bond between said coach and gymnast. When you’re spending so much time with someone, if you really can’t stand them, it’s just not going to work. Well, maybe i’m wrong. Take Tasha Schwikert, who personally, i never could stand. Gosh, i feel bad for her coach. A-Sac loved her coach, but he was tough. He offered one of my present day coaches a job, and he declined,because he was “scared” of him. Anyway, obviously, Nastia and Valeri are close, and Shawn Johnson and chow.
let’s just say i’m a bit depressed.

Im sorry.

July 3, 2009

It’s been a riddiculous amount of time. But I am back. Let me know if a couple of you faithful readers are still around! ???? What i would rather blog about is circus smirkus. I went there for a week in June, and it was AWESOME. Having a background in gymnastics definetly helped.

They also have a tour, which goes all over. It’s pretty amazing, as it is made up completely of children. Here are the dates for the big top tour:

June 28
July 1-3
July 5 & 6
July 8 & 9
July 11 & 12
July 14 & 15
July 17-19
July 21 & 22
July 24 & 25
July 27-29
July 31 & Aug 1
August 3 & 4
August 6 & 7
August 9 & 10
August 12 & 13
August 15 & 16

Greensboro, VT
Essex, VT
Saratoga Springs, NY
Manchester, VT
Wilbraham, MA
Brattleboro, VT
Wellesley, MA
Richmond, RI
Lawrence, MA
Sandwich, MA
Revere, MA
Freeport, ME
Kennebunkport, ME
Wilton, NH
Montpelier, VT
Greensboro, VT

I know this may not look that difficult, but i did lyra there, and it is really really hard.

oh yeah. we made fox news.

the last one is the coolest, if you ask me.

Go see Circus Smirkus Tour this summer! It takes a lot of money to run a circus!


May 8, 2009

It’s been way to long. States for me are may 15-16 at Brestayns, we think I dont know why not a high school.  Anyway…


“Completely finished my new floor routine! & I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys will too :)”

 from TwitterBerry


Hmmm….From Nastia’s twitter…..I’m so excited! And pleased she’s staying in the sport. Please vote in comments: Whose gymnastics do you prefer? Shawn or Nastia’s?


April 28, 2009

Hi, sorry it’s been so long. I am planning on a new montage, and I need an upbeat song. I’m not positive what the montage will be about. For those of you who have seen my “style” in montages, do you have any good ideas for a montage ? 



I love this picture!

April 3, 2009


Its kind of depressing…I think A-Sac just fell on beam. I love how the chinese girl (who is that? I can’t quite tell, its not Yuyuan), is like 2 feet smaller than both of them!

Oh. My. God.

April 2, 2009

That crazy Johnny guy is back…..with more porn. And leaving comments! he left one to me!!!! his background is disgusting! someone report him with me!